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Sector: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Organization Description

Agile recruiting, and our sister company Teamit is focused on IT staffing in both Canada and bringing remote work from USA to Canadians.

On Agile Recruiting
Agile Recruiting is a referral only, highly personalized boutique IT recruitment company. We specialize in software development, project management, business analysis, architecture and IT Management.

Our ultimate goal is to make the hiring process for our clients and job-hunting for our candidates a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We strongly believe in total transparency, a direct approach and that less is more.

Our business is simple: Listen to our clients’ needs and our candidates’ wants and do the matching.

On Teamit:
As founders of two leading recruiting companies here in Western Canada, we’ve spent almost two decades helping companies find and hire high performing IT teams. Teamit focus’s on the top 20% of the candidate base in specific geographic areas and we’ve always believed that the referral network is the most efficient and reliable way to find and hire talent.

The biggest challenge is that most referral networks are small and are fine for a few hires here and there, but are unable to sustain companies that are scaling rapidly. We always felt there must be a better way to harness the power of the referral network and leverage it at Scale. That was the inspiration behind Teamit.

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