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Benaiah Guarding Ltd. was founded on the principles of Training and Skill Development for guards wanting to be The Best.

At Benaiah Guarding we believe that a solid foundation in ABST/AIT and an understanding of the application of the Law and theories presented, assist Guards in making the best decisions for your Company in your absence.

Our Motto, “On Guard for You” reflects, quite literally, our commitment to protect your image, your assets, your investment and your time. By preparing ourselves for the worst, pro-actively using Safety, Maintenance and Security principles to keep you at your best.

Owner, and Brand Ambassador, Trina Vandermeer, has close to 20 years in boots-to-the-ground Security and Security Management experience—including Venue Security Management, Event Security Management, and Site/Mobile Security Management. This Industry experience combined with 20 plus years in the Retail and Service Industry, AGLC, and five years a reporter and editor allow her to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills required by guards at every level of learning.

As a Certified Trainer for the Solicitor General ABST/AIT programs, and a Certified, professional Trainer for Control Tactics Survival Skills Use of Force Program, Vandermeer, remains committed to the Security Industry at all levels.

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