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Careers in Energy


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Shaping the future of Canada’s energy workforce.

At Careers in Energy, we are barrier-breakers and energy future-shapers connecting jobseekers with information and resources to successfully navigate careers in energy.

Our mandate is developing leading-edge research, tools and resources to increase awareness of career opportunities in the energy industry and support the attraction and retention of a skilled workforce for a thriving energy sector today and tomorrow.


Why choose our booth?

Here are just a few of the FREE resources we offer:

  • Find your pathway to a career in energy.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse with our labour market reports.
  • Check out a range of job listings from across the energy industry.
  • Are you an energy industry employer? We offer a variety of free resources, whether your company is small, mid-size or large.
  • Three flexible, fully funded training programs in partnership with a trio of industry-leading training providers. Anyone interested in or already working in energy will have the chance to upgrade their skills and learn how their developing knowledge can be applied or transferred within the growing energy industry.
  • Bridging the Gap | A program designed to increase and improve connections between job seekers and energy services companies in Alberta.


We’re here to set you on the right path to excel in Canada’s energy sector. Visit our booth and equip yourself with the resources you need for a successful career search.


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