Catholic Social Services - Immigration & Settlement

Catholic Social Services – Immigration & Settlement


Sector: Other Services (except Public Administration)

Organization Description

CSS- Immigration and Settlement is an organization located in Red Deer. We work with newcomers and assist them in all things related to settlement in Canada. These are just some of the programs we offer:


Immigration and Settlement – Employment Program

The CSS Employment Program specifically assists newcomers in employment and education related questions. We provide assistance with:

  • creating resumes/ cover letters
  • assessing foreign credentials
  • education and funding/loans
  • job search strategies
  • networking
  • interview preparation
  • and all other things related to obtaining employment or starting a business


Immigration and Settlement – Temporary Foreign Workers Program

Provides a variety of services to Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) and their families to help them adapt to living and working in Alberta.

Service offers:

  • a variety of services to Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) and their families to help them adapt to living and working in Alberta


  • information and referral
  • supportive counselling
  • interpretation and translation services
  • advocacy
  • workshops and seminars on rights and responsibilities as a temporary foreign worker, Alberta Health Care, Employment Insurance, labour laws, sponsoring family members


TFW – ESDC Project

The TFW – ESDC Project is intended to support TFW’s during COVID-19. Our Funding Source is the Employment and Social Development Canada – Human Resources and Social development Canada. CSS Will provide direct delivery of services to support TFWs working in the agricultural sector and related industries who are impacted by COVID-19 in Edmonton, Red Deer and surrounding area.
The main objective is to establish an effective efficient, comprehensive and coordinated approach to support TFW’s affected by COVID-19 across the Prairie Provinces.

The program is Focused on:

  1. TFWs have increased awareness of rights and COVID-19 public health guidance and are provided with effective health and safety information.
  2. TFWs have increased ability to access relevant and timely services as well as system referrals that address social isolation throughout the Prairie Region; and
  3. TFWs receive tailored interventions to address their basic needs and are supported in their recovery plans.
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