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Are you a NEW developer? Do you want to put yourself ahead of others in your field? Are you eager to take on more? Take the summer and get connected to the industry, advance your skills, and learn how to become a top contender in your chosen discipline!

LaunchPad by Vog has developed a 16 weeks program that will strengthen your skills, teach you programming languages, frameworks and subjects that are relevant today. Create a successful career path in a role that you love. Don’t settle for outdated courses or superficial coding bootcamps when you can learn how to develop from actual working developers who understand the industry’s needs.

You’ve already built a foundation, now it’s time to develop best industry practices and see your skills at work. Obtain the confidence and experience that you need in order to be recognized as a skilled professional within Frontend Web Development, Backend Web Development, iOS or Android App Development.

Invest in yourself, advance your skills and take yourself to the next technical level. LaunchPad’s 16 week courses are more than just coding, we train and educate you on what companies are looking for while hiring. We also provide transparency towards the demands of software developers.

Secure your spot in our next cohort, scheduled to launch Jan 2023. That’ll put you ahead of your classmates and achieve your career goals faster!

With applicants like you, we can teach you beyond the scope of basic developer roles. We offer fine tuning in specific programs, real life development projects, and hands-on experiences that will grow your portfolio and resume! We want to compliment your studies in a way that will help you stand out from other applicants. It is competitive out there – let Launchpad by Vog help you get to your goals.


Calling ALL Junior Developers! Do you want to work on a real project, in real time with real clients? Are you looking to obtain the experience you need so that you’re recognized as an expert in your discipline?

On-the-job experience plays a pivotal role in bridging the skill gap and keeping Recruits on the cutting edge of industry needs. Companies are looking for developers who know how to adapt to business practices and develop great code. The Junior Developer Program is designed to improve the skills and knowledge Recruits don’t learn in most classrooms.

Join our Junior Developer Program. Apply today at: https://launchpadbyvog.com/junior-developer-apply-form-step-1/

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