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The Manitoba government is one of the largest employers in Manitoba, offering a broad range of job opportunities across the province.

Few organizations can offer you the same variety of career options, the diversity of locations throughout the province and the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of Manitobans.

Manitoba public servants come from a variety of backgrounds and possess an impressive scope of skills and talents. We invite you to add your skills and innovative ideas and join our team.

We are committed to achieving an inclusive public service at all levels in our organization. We aim to deliver better services and improved outcomes by reducing barriers and biases, incorporating varied perspectives and striving to reflect Manitoba’s rich diversity within our workforce.

Our core values are central to how we do our work. We serve the public in an ethical manner by acting with respect for others, integrity, accountability and skill and dedication.

Professional development and lifelong learning are an important part of our culture. Many opportunities to improve your skills through formal and informal learning means you have one employer, but many career options. All this, plus competitive salaries and strong benefits make the Manitoba government a rewarding career option.

For more information on current job opportunities within the Manitoba government, please visit our Job Opportunities website:

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