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Sector: Other Services (except Public Administration)

Organization Description

Prospect Human Services is an innovative and principled organization offering programs and services that break down barriers preventing individuals from finding meaningful work. Prospect promotes change within employment environments by designing solutions that bring out the best in individuals, employers, and ourselves.


These are employment, career planning and job search resources. You’ll have online access to Career Advisors and we will make referrals to other essential services if required. No appointments necessary!

Perfect for independent job seekers who require flexibility and who wish to network, receive peer support and work at their own pace.

These services will explore your circumstances and needs, then provide help with your resume, interview preparation, and career advice. Usually one hour, by online appointment, which can often be scheduled same day or at the next convenient time.

Perfect for those who need help with one or two specific services.

Collaborative services where you’ll take an active role in identifying your job goals and looking for work. You’ll start with a discussion of your needs and goals, then identify and address gaps between work skills, education and job targets. We’ll help you connect with employers and search for jobs, with regular check-in’s and services to help you maintain employment.

Perfect for those who can participate in the job search, including those who have a barrier to finding and keeping a job (including disabilities). One to one support is available. You must commit to collaborating over 4-12 weeks to achieve your goals.

Workplace skills training tailored to your job needs, including digital literacy and computer skills, reading and writing documents, working with numbers and communication skills. Courses are between 12 and 20 weeks, 15 to 20 hours per week.

Perfect for those who want to gain/strengthen skills, who have been unemployed or want to change careers, wish to build confidence and self-esteem, and can commit to three hours of instruction per day online

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