Sagesse Domestic Violence Prevention Society

Sagesse Domestic Violence Prevention Society


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Sector: Community Service/Public Service

Organization Description

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For more than 30 years, Sagesse has empowered individuals, organizations and communities to disrupt structures of abuse by curating environments to heal and develop skills to lead safe, healthy lives. With innovation as our programming cornerstone, we work for anyone who has experienced domestic abuse, including people who are at risk of being abused, informally support others, or are involved in sex work.


We work in more than 50 communities across Alberta – either directly providing services or partnering with agencies to deliver programs on our behalf. This work includes:

  • Peer support groups and mentorship for people who have experienced domestic abuse, are at risk of being abused, or are involved in sex work.
  • Capacity-building workshops about the experience of domestic abuse within 2SLGBTQ+ communities.
  • Education of informal support networks about how to recognize domestic abuse, respond (based on the situation), and refer to the appropriate supports.
  • The backbone agency for the Calgary Domestic Violence Collective (CDVC) and IMPACT, a provincial collective impact initiative.


Our social enterprise arm, ByDesign, is a hub of knowledge, experience, and innovation with an aim to disrupt norms, dispel disbelief, and deepen societal impact.

Our philosophy is to engage in curious, fierce conversations and collaborations and we see this as a path to ending domestic abuse.

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