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Organization Description

Become a Virtual Guru

Virtual Gurus is a marketplace of talented Canadian and American virtual assistants. Whether organizations need a dedicated virtual assistant, special project support, or help with occasional tasks, we can help!

What we’re really about

Our North Star is our people – our Virtual Assistants. We’re proud of what makes us different: a crazy strong social mission to provide employment opportunities to underrepresented individuals and those who may otherwise have a hard time finding work. We hire all of our VAs onshore in the United States and Canada and provide them with meaningful and fairly paid opportunities, as well as opportunities to learn through our Virtual Gurus Academy.

Be part of the Virtual Community

We do more than just connect you with clients: We make sure you get the best opportunities to showcase your skills and earn a fair wage.

  • We market your virtual services by managing your profile on our Talent Marketplace
  • We manage client billing – never worry about following up on invoices again!
  • We pay all of our VAs a living wage
  • We are committed to providing opportunities to remote workers in historically underrepresented communities
  • We provide additional learning opportunities through monthly Lunch & Learns
  • We recognize VA efforts through our VA of the Month recognition program

Learn more about our team and why diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA here.

We’re actively looking for talented people with the following skills & experience:

  • Executive Assistance
  • General & Office Administration
  • Customer service 
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Bookkeeping Support
  • And more!

If you’re interested in joining the Virtual Gurus community, please apply to Become a VA here.

The Virtual Gurus

About Us | Virtual Assistant Canada | The Virtual Gurus

The Virtual Gurus offer all kind of Virtual Assistant Services in Canada for your company. Learn more about us here before you hire us!

The Virtual Gurus

Indigenous Admin Assistants | Aboriginal Admin Support | Virtual Assistant

Virtual Gurus is looking for Indigenous Admin Assistants to join Canada’s most diverse Virtual Assistant Community. Work from home.

Job Listings

  • Virtual Assistant – General Administration
  • Virtual Assistant – Executive Administration
  • Virtual Assistant – Office Management
  • Virtual Assistant – Bookkeeping
  • Virtual Assistant – Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant – Social Media
  • Virtual Assistant – Sales

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