Volker Stevin Contracting

Volker Stevin Contracting

Website: www.volkerstevin.ca

Sector: Construction

Organization Description

Volker Stevin Canada and it’s Group of Companies are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality services to our customers in the areas of construction, highway maintenance, civil works and bridge construction, maintenance and rehabilitation expertise and project management. By maintaining our high standards, we ensure longevity; sustainability; and profitability of the company.

Volker’s culture welcomes people that are dedicated and highly skilled with a proven foundation built on mutual respect. Bringing unique skills, each of us has an essential contribution to make in achieving our common goals. Above all, we focus on continuously achieving superior standards in order to meet, and exceed, both employee and client aspirations while engaging in a culture of safety excellence and environmental responsibility.

In pursuit of building and maintaining long-term relationships with all stakeholders, we remain proudly committed to an organization where individual professional growth is the foundation for company growth. Ultimately, this instills a culture of continuous improvement for the company while aligning with both employee and client goals for successful partnerships.

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